Educational Video 1: Introduction to the Web Site and NonCorrelated Investing

In the first video, we discuss different NonCorrelated investment managers and touch on some of their strategies at a high level.

Then we go deeper into the NonCorrelated thought process — not affraid to look at all angles without bias — and discuss some of the podcast guests. The video mentions fund managers who overpromise on their beta market opportunity, and introduces the concept of evaluating hedge fund strategies from the point of failure.

All the topics set up a more detailed discussion to come. The video ends with a more detailed discussion of how the web site works.

Educational Video 2: Introduction to the Web Site and NonCorrelated Investing

In the second video, we discuss an abreviated history of NonCorrelated investing, going back to the 1980s and looking at three select benchmarks that set a foundation for how NonCorrelated strategies were popularized.

First we take a brief look at Harvard University’s John Lintner not for his famous Capital Asset Pricing Model, but for his work in combining NonCorrelated volatility factors in a portfolio. Then we look at the famous “Turtle traders” and consider other fund manager who used similiar strategies, such as John Henry and David Harding. There are earlier examples of trend following not mentioned, but this video captures the essence of how quantitative strategies were developed.