Mark Melin is a hedge fund analyst and journalist.

Practitioner Experience:

In 2005, Melin began operating in the derivatives industry and ultimately worked in various positions as a CTA fund manager, associated person and managed futures division director. He operated a beta market diversified fund of funds strategy until 2012 when the brokerage firm handling the accounts, Perigrine Financial Group, shut its doors.

Melin is author of two books, co-editor of a third and contributed a chapter on managed futures and beta market environment development to a fourth book. During this time he also taught a college-level managed futures strategy evaluation course, worked as a consultant with a former CFTC Chairman and numerous derivatives exchanges and independent brokerage firms.

Journalistic Experience:

Halloween morning 2011, Melin becase a journalist, working as editor of Opalesque’s Futures Intelligence publication covering the managed futures and derivatives industry. During this time he extensively covered the MF Global story, exclusively publishing numerous stories including a then-secret 2 AM meeting among regulators that played a role in sealing MF Global customer’s fate before any of the troubles were public. His work was later admitted into the Congressional record.

In 2013, Melin expanded his horizons by working at ValueWalk, covering equity-based hedge funds for the first time. At ValueWalk, he worked closely with the web site’s editor, Jacob Wolinsky, publishing numerous exclusive reports on strategy details from firms such as Bridgewater, Baupost, Elliott Management, Balyasny and many others.